Josh Kellerman
About me

I'm Josh, a Front End Developer

Hey there, welcome to my portfolio website! I'm a front-end developer based in the UK and I'm a sucker for clean designs that prioritise user experience. During a four year stint working for a software company in the financial services industry, I was exposed to developer teams and their work, which sparked my interest in coding. Since then, I've been teaching myself the ins and outs of web development and I've never looked back.

In each project, my focus is on creating seamless and intuitive experiences that prioritise usability and performance. I believe in writing clean and efficient code that is easy to maintain and scale.

Right now, my go-to stack is TypeScript, Next.js with either Styled Components or CSS Modules. But I'm always up for learning about the latest web technologies and trying out new techniques to level up my skills and stay ahead of the game.

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